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Ambiente per l'addestramento di reti neurali multistrato tramite: algoritmi genetici distribuiti, backpropagation, simulated annealing.
presto rilascero' il codice sotto licenza GNU/GPL insiema alla documentazione WIKI per l'utente e per lo sviluppatore.

Tool for training multilayer neural networks using: distribuited genetic algorithms, backpropagation, simulated annealing. I'm releasing the code under GNU/GPL license and the WIKI guide for users and developers.

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sn9c102-webcam-lk (gnu/linux)
newsn9c102-webcam-lk is now called sn-webcam

This program, that I'm developing with Christophe Lucas and Tony Slater, captures and displays frames from an sn9c102-based Sonix/Microdia Webcam, using Video for Linux 2 and the sn9c10* USB driver. It also allows the user to upload the captured images by FTP.
It is "free software" released under GNU/GPL license.

I'm using and testing this software with: Trust 120 Spacecam and Trust [email protected] 150 Portable webcams.

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